LiveWell Catawba

LiveWell Catawba fosters partnerships aimed at sustainably improving Catawba County’s ’s health priorities.

Using the Catawba County Community Health Assessment (CHA) as a guide, LiveWell Catawba serves as a community focal point to help identify needs, mobilize resources, facilitate collaboration, bridge gaps and coordinate community-wide efforts toward improving our county’s most critical health issues. Through community coalitions, we work to create an environment in Catawba County that increases opportunities to make healthy choices.

A 501(c) 3 organization, LiveWell Catawba is governed by a multi-sector Board of Directors and managed by Catawba County Public Health.

LiveWell Catawba, formerly known as Catawba County Health Partners, is currently in the process of updating information on the coalition and community initiatives. For additional information about the coalition and how to become involved, contact Zack King, (828) 695-6683 or, or Ashley Rink, (828) 695-6646 or

Supporting Partners

Frye Regional Medical Center Catawba Valley Medical Center Frye Regional Medical Center